A Walk Through Wrigley Field

After starting my summer of funemployment with an early July trip to Austin, I finished it off with a late August journey to Chicago. Food, booze, and sights were there in excess but no trip there would be complete without taking in a game at Wrigley Field. The day I went was a miserable one – chilly (for late August), windy, and wet. In short, just miserable. Somehow, they managed to get a game in, thanks to the quick work of the grounds crew. While they were setting up to get the game going at a decent time, I took the opportunity to walk all throughout the historic stadium. Maybe aged or old would be a better way to describe it – the bathrooms have troughs for men to urinate in – very bar/nightclub-like and equally messy. It’s decidedly no-frills here with just two decks of stands and the bleachers in the outfield. It’s a nice stadium but, like Fenway Park and the old Yankee Stadium, if it weren’t historic, it’d be a dump. I’m not ripping on the place but sometimes the truth sucks. I hear they got rid of the troughs this year so they’re slowly making some progress, I guess.

These photos were taken on August 26, 2009.

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