Macy’s 2008 Holiday Windows – “Believe”

These were posted on a previous blog of mine – don’t remember which one because I’ve gone through quite a few in the past two to three years – but I figured it’s worth reposting, especially as it really is ’tis the season. The Macy’s 2008 holiday windows theme was “Believe” which I think is still the theme, even in 2010. I could be wrong. I haven’t seen this year’s windows yet but I’m hoping to check those out soon.

For a better description of 2008’s theme, I’ll let designer Paul Olszewski explain:

I wanted to take all the simple things that surround us during the holidays and make you believe that so much more goes into them, so much magic goes into them, than meets the eye.

These photos were taken on December 18, 2008.

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