The Line for the Apple iPhone 4

On my first day in San Francisco this past June, I had plenty of time to just wander the streets. I happened to pass by the Apple Store on Stockton St on my way to Chinatown on this day, the day before the latest iPhone was to be released. Predictably, a line had already formed and, from the looks of things, some people at the front had probably been there since the day before. I guess people really want their phone ASAP even though there really wasn’t much of a shortage this time around and Apple does a pretty good job with updating their stock online so people don’t have to resort to this. I’m an Apple fanboy and even I don’t think I’d ever wait in line the day before. Well, maybe to sell my spot like the guy in one of these photos. After all, money talks.

These photos were taken on June 23, 2010.

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